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Attention Stuart Faculty (teachers, specialists, coaches, and club sponsors)!   

The Top 10 Reasons to Apply for a Staff Grant (with respect to David Letterman):   

10. All the cool staff is doing it. Let’s face it: “Fear of Missing Out” (FoMO) doesn’t look good on anyone!

9. Teachers always go that extra mile.

8. Who doesn't love "free money"?!

7. FCPS-provided funds are limited. Here's another option for supplementing your teaching/advising resources, such as but not limited to: buying books for the classroom, procuring supplies and equipment for a big experiment, and organizing a field trip.

6. There's a great training or professional development opportunity out there for you. If only it were in the budget…hmmm…. 

5. There’s nothing better to do this weekend than fill out the application.

4. You finally get to buy that whiz-bang doohickey educational thingy you've been eyeballing for a while now. 

3. You’ll be everyone’s favorite teacher.

2. “The dog ate my homework” is so 20th Century. 

And the number one reason is:  1.  You can't win unless you play!

The J.E.B. Stuart HS PTSA is excited about our T eacher/Staff Grant Program! Our grants are intended to enrich student, faculty, and staff learning – generally, by funding materials, programs, tools, transportation, etc. that cannot be funded from the school budget. In our October PTSA meeting, members voted to increase our budget to fund grants up to a total of $4,000 for the 2017-18 school year. We'll award grants of up to $300 each to teachers and staff who are PTSA members, complete the application, and meet our funding objectives. 


Congratulations to our grant recipients during Funding Round 1!

• Sharon Ponton, HPE Teacher

• Eric Welch & AVID Team Teachers 

• Lindsay Mulcahy, Teacher, Strategies for Success

• Ariel Miller, Chemistry Teacher 

• Sarah Wegener, Biology Teacher 

• Skyler Verloop, ESOL/Social Studies Teacher 

• Jeremy Silva, Teacher; Club Sponsor

• Elizabeth Burnett, English Teacher  

 •        Funding Period 2: Early in the third quarter of the school year 


Previous years’ grants include funding for: 

 •  printing of Cadence Art & Literary Magazine

 •  Science Olympiad State Competition expenses

 •  equipment to videotape assessments for IBMYP and IB Art final exam

 •  field trips and college visits for ESOL Biology students, 9th grade Hispanic students, and AVID students

 •  classroom equipment and materials for experiments, collaborative workstations, and instrument storage