Next meeting: 11/27@ 7pm in the JHS library. Presentation by Ffx Cty Youth Council!

J.E.B. Stuart HS PTSA for justice HS --
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From the ptsa president


At the October 23rd  Special Meeting, the 32 members in attendance voted against the motion to dissolve the PTSA and become a PTSO (14 voted Yes, 17 voted No, and 1 abstained). This means that we will remain the same organization we have been. Soon we will begin the process of formally changing our name to Justice High School Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) by amending our bylaws and making the other necessary adjustments.

We greatly appreciate the input of all who got involved in the discussion with your questions, experiences, and information. The process of considering the change was a beneficial one in that it helped many of us better understand how we operate, what we like best about the organization, and how it can be improved. Respectful, open discussion of different perspectives will always make us stronger.

We send out a special thank-you to all who came out to the meeting to join the discussion and vote. It is all of YOU who make this organization work in fulfilling its mission of serving the Justice HS community. If you are not yet a PTSA member, please consider joining via the "STORE" tab.

We will start to begin identifying next year's board members soon. Please give strong consideration to volunteering for the Nominating Committee, and/or putting your name forward for one of the board positions. The earlier we have an idea who next year's leaders will be, the more transfer of knowledge we can do throughout the rest of this year to make the transition easier in Summer/Fall of 2019. 

Of course, there are many other ways to get involved  so please look for announcements or come to us with questions or offers. 

Thank you!

Jodi Callahan

PTSA President, on behalf of the Board

All Justice HS parents, teachers, and students (regardless of PTSA membership) are welcome to attend PTSA meetings. Details for upcoming meetings are listed below. Simultaneous Spanish interpretation will be provided.



Date:           November  27, 2018

Time:           7pm-8:30pm

Place:          Justice HS library

Topic:          Presentation by the Fairfax County Youth Council 


Programming Spotlight on...


...The Fairfax County Youth Council (FCYC):

The FCYC " through community initiatives to prevent and/or reduce substance abuse and improve the wellbeing of youth and their families in Fairfax County.'' Its vision is a  " where youth grow up safe and drug free."

The benefits of joining the Youth Council:

  • "Create youth-directed prevention activities.
  • Develop leadership and advocacy skills.
  • Gain volunteer and service hours.
  • Earn certificates for achievement and leadership.
  • Be an active and helpful member of your community."

The PTSA is thrilled to offer a presentation by FCYC staff at our meeting on November 27, 2018. All students are encouraged to attend this meeting. You do not need to be a member to attend a PTSA meeting. 


We hope to see you there.

Jodi Callahan


J.E.B. Stuart HS PTSA