Special meeting (election): October 23rd from 7pm-9pm in the Justice HS cafeteria.

J.E.B. Stuart HS PTSA for justice HS --
we are one!

From the ptsa president


To Stuart/Justice PTSA members:

The PTSA Board hopes that you are aware of the special PTSA meeting on Tuesday, October 23rd. It will take place from 7pm-9pm in the Justice HS cafeteria (please note that this is a change of location from the library in order to accommodate all members).

We are aware that there is some confusion about the purpose of this meeting so we want to make every effort to clarify what will happen.

At the October 23rd  special meeting, the PTSA board will move to dissolve the current PTSA organization at the end of this school year (on June 30, 2019) and replace it at that time with an independent parent teacher student organization (PTSO) that will have been set up by the current PTSA board as a tax-exempt nonstock corporation. The motion will be discussed, and then approved or rejected by majority vote of the eligible members in attendance by anonymous paper ballot. Per PTA rules, members must be present to vote; proxy voting is not allowed.

It is important to note that the choice is not between having the PTSA or no parent-teacher-student group, but rather considering an adjustment to the legal structure. The basic functionality of our local organization would remain unchanged. 

Whichever form (PTSA or PTSO) members choose, the parent-teacher-student group will have bylaws, conduct audits of its finances, and file required documents with the state of Virginia and the IRS. To that end, we have posted a DRAFT Articles of Incorporation form that would be submitted to the state of Virginia and a DRAFT of some of the main points of the new PTSO bylaws. These documents are meant to illustrate what the structure of a PTSO would look like should the membership vote to change the legal structure of our parent-teacher-student group to a PTSO.

For more information, consult the materials at under the "BOARD DOCS" tab  (under the “OCTOBER 23, 2018 SPECIAL MEETING” heading) which include a detailed document describing the timeline of next steps and the outcomes that we believe can be expected with either a PTSA or a PTSO choice. There will also be discussion before the vote on October 23rd, where PTA representatives will be available to talk about remaining with the PTA and to answer questions.  We hope to see you on the 23rd!

Thank you,

The PTSA Board:

Jodi Callahan, President

Lisa Abbin, VP of Communications

Sarah Franco, VP of Events

Malleha Rana, VP of Student Involvement

Kate Walsh, Secretary

Jen Bowman, Treasurer

All Justice HS parents, teachers, and students (regardless of PTSA membership) are welcome to attend PTSA meetings. Details for upcoming meetings are listed below. Simultaneous Spanish interpretation will be provided.


Date:        October 23, 2018

Time:        7pm-9pm  (please note the extended ending time)

Place:       Justice HS cafeteria (please note the change in location)

Topic:       Election: PTSA or PTSO

Note:       Only current PTSA members are eligible to vote in this election.  


Date:           November  27, 2018

Time:           7pm-8:30pm

Place:          Justice HS library

Topic:          Presentation by the Fairfax County Youth Council 


We hope to see you there.

Jodi Callahan


J.E.B. Stuart HS PTSA